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Children’s innocence, Lotte’s shirtlessness, make it easy for them to find fun, and sometimes they are happy to walk around. In extraterrestrial activities, we will inevitably see the family members worry about the safety of their children. Just like their children will sweat on a sunny afternoon, they will worry that the children will get dirty and even break the clothes. Services, these situations often occur. Sun Soleil’s philosophy is to quickly solve this common problem. Our brand philosophy is to let some thoughtful features be placed on our products. In addition to high-quality materials and stylish designs, we also aim at the problems faced by children when they are away from home. Through our product design, children can enjoy extra-curricular activities.

Brand culture

Sun Soleil believes that living outside the country will enable children to be full of sunshine and vitality. We encourage children to perform extravagant activities more easily and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our styles and designs are designed to allow children to have a unique charm when they are outside. We have different styles in traditional styles. We use simple and elegant designs. Instead of the traditional net color design.

Break through the traditional concept

Outerwear has always been targeted at the material and functional requirements in the market. For example, it is the user’s protection and durability that allows people to carry out activities in restricted areas. We are full of respect for this! However, in everyday life, users may not be able to use 100% of these excellent features. Therefore, it is difficult to choose a price. In addition, some manufacturers facilitate the use of inferior materials for the production of garments and sell them to the market at a low cost. However, Sun Soleil can match the benefits of both in terms of materials and design, so that customers can have more suitable choices.

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