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    Botanic Fiber
    Cell Solution® Protection fibers are natural cellulosic manmade fibers. The main raw material is wood pulp from non-endangered trees, and the additive parafin is refined plant oil.

    Cell Solution® Protection fibers provide effective and durable protection against insects – such as ticks and mosquitoes. Via direct spinning, the insect repellent permethrin is embedded in the Cell Solution® fiber core and migrates to the fiber surface in a tightly controlled manner. The patented technology ensures that a small, but just enough amount of permethrin is diffused from the inner of the Protection fiber to the surface. The direct contact with high concentrations of active ingredients for eg: In a coating is avoided because the stored permethrin from the interior of the Cell Solution® Protection fiber is resupplied in small doses. Due to the limited availability of the active substance at the fiber’s surface it is avoided that the active substance is lost rapidly by environmental influences.